Courses Offered Within Each Package

Group Facilitation Methods

Learn the Focused Conversation Method which provides a structure for clear dialogue and reflection, probes beneath the surface to the depth of the topic, encourages diversity or perspectives and leads to decisions. Learn the Consensus Workshop Method to engage participation of diverse group members, and create genuine consensus. Build effective team partnerships and lead large groups effectively.

Meetings That Work

 In today’s world of truncated timelines, increased workloads and demands for workplace democracy, we need group decisions made quickly, positively and with diminished frustration. We also need to ensure that meetings are effective, efficient and highly productive. This course is designed with tools to enhance participation and productivity in various types of meetings.

Transformational Strategy

Executives, managers, and consultants must maximize a group’s potential to think and act strategically and find effective solutions to challenges. Identify underlying issues and systemic blockages safely. Link vision and action back to mission, mandate and values. This course is the synthesis of strategic thinking into the analysis of strategic planning.

Art and Science of Participation

 This is a six-day intensive training for people who are passionate about working in a participatory manner.  Gain a deep understanding of the principles and values of facilitation. Practice and feedback in designing your own complex consultations and meetings. Coverage of many of the competencies measured in the IAF professional facilitator certification (CPF) and for assessment to be a master ICA Certified ToP® Facilitator (CTF).

Advanced ToP® Tools 

Create collaborations that bring the right people together for the right task, focus their purpose and keep them on track. This course demonstrates how to generate real commitment in team projects and empower groups to immediate implementation in complex situations.

Organizational Transformation 

Change or transformation is the new norm for organizations. Use the most powerful set of diagnostics and models fort analyzing and effectively enabling change in any organizational setting. The Social Process diagnoses drivers of change within whole systems. The Organizational Journey maps out the concrete evolution from one organizational type to another. The Dynamic Screen provides leveraged strategies for structural, behavioural and values changes.

Human Development

Organizational transformation often requires a values and behavioural change from everyone. Support individuals and groups as they turn change from a personal fear into an empowering challenge. Practice the theory, methods and tools that allow success to become the primary driver rather than failure. Learn why ToP® methods work so successfully in all situations and why they affect participants so profoundly, using decades of cross-cultural research. The processes in this course are transferable to all disciplines and are essential for supporting change.